Monthly Archives: January 2017

Nicoles Work Is Never Done

Nicole Aniston has been putting in long hours at the office, and the boss assumes that she’s getting work done and has been paying her for overtime. But when Keiran Lee discovers that Ms. Aniston hasn’t done any work at all, he decides to investigate what she’s really been up to during overtime. As Mr. Lee soon discovers, Nicole is working as a prostitute from her cubicle! Keiran decides to get his money’s worth, and horny Ms. Aniston is all the more willing to mix business with pleasure!


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Yoga Freaks: Episode Seven

Nicole Aniston and Ariana Marie are seasoned yoga experts who take their practice seriously, you can tell by their fit bodies and fuckable flexibility. But their love of yoga can’t compare to their love of sex. So when Jessy wanders into Nicole’s yoga class to gawk at Ariana, the girls take advantage of his horny state and combine their two addictions, yoga and big cocks!


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