Monthly Archives: November 2014

My Dad's Hot Girlfriend

Nicole Aniston is cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for her boyfriend and his two sons, the only problem is, Nicole can’t boil noodles properly. After the three of them look over the mash potatoes and the can of cranberry she left out on the table, Nicole asks for some help in the kitchen with the turkey. It appears that she never turned the oven on because she thought the microwave and oven were connected! Upset, she runs upstairs to the bedroom, Chad goes up to do a little more than console her.

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My Friend's Hot Girl

Chad comes into his roommate’s room to find his girlfriend asleep. He wakes her up to see if she wants any breakfast because he is going out to grab some. Nicole Aniston asks if her boyfriend has left already, she then goes into a rant about how they never get to have morning sex and that he is too focused on his job. She decides to break up with her boyfriend and have morning sex with Chad instead!

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